Anderlecht to beat Bursaspor: 1-2

THURSDAY, 18 AUGUST 2011, 22:08 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Bursaspor tonight with 1-2. Despite a huge blunder of the referee which led to the Turkish opening goal, the Mauves were able to recover from this setback and score twice in the second half.

The visitors were clearly better than the Turks. Suarez opening for Kljestan, but his effort alone in front of the goal was too weak. Later, Suarez and especially Kanu had two more excellent chances.

Bursaspor only created a few small chances and forced Proto to just one save. But when Teteh Bangura touched the ball with his hands in the Anderlecht box, the referee confused his hand with Biglia's. He places the ball on the penalty spot and Vederson scored.

The second half brought more of the same: Anderlecht putting high pressure and creating chances. The Mauves could equalise, also with a penalty. The Turkish captain made a clear foul on Kanu and Legear converted the penalty: 1-1.

Bursaspor could not react and Jovanovic came just a split second too late of bringing Anderlecht ahead. Though the Serbian scored later on in the game on a rebound after a saved effort of Fernando. Meanwhile, Legear, Suarez and Fernando had also had a few good chances. The Turks were unable to threaten Anderlecht's defence, so the game ended in a 1-2 victory.

Result: 1-2
Goals: 36' Vederson 1-0 (pen), 53' Legear 1-1 (pen), 76' Jovanovic 1-2

Bursaspor: Carson, Ibrahim, Serdar, Erdogan, Vederson, Volkan, Batalla, N'Diaye, Insua (46' Kirita), Ozan (59' Yildirim), Bangura
Anderlecht: Proto, Odoi, Kouyate, Samuel, Safari, Biglia, Kljestan, Kanu (65' Jovanovic), Legear (74' Gillet), Canesin (88' De Sutter), Suarez

Yellow: Suarez, Legear, Erdogan, Ibrahim, Volkan, Samuel, Ibrahim (2x)
Red: 89' Ibrahim (2x yellow)

Referee: Kovarik (Cze)
Stadium: Bursa Atatürk Stadyumu

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