Anderlecht to defeat co-leader AA Gent

SUNDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2011, 20:19 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated co-leader Gent today with 0-1. Suarez scored a penalty in 2 times early in the game: the penalty itself was missed once more, but the rebound was placed into the goal. In the 2nd half RSCA escaped the equalizer

Anderlecht began at a high pace and pushed Gent back. The Mauves had a lot of ball possession and had a good chance via Suarez. A bit later, that same Suarez was brought down in the box. The Argentinian took the penalty himself and missed. In the rebound he scored though.

Instead of looking for a second goal, the visitors tried to defend the lead. This tactic was successful in the first half, but in the second half Anderlecht played with fire.

Gent put the visitors under pressure. A good Proto and Juhasz were needed to keep the Mauves ahead. Several chances were stopped by the goalie. Anderlecht escaped from the equalizer. But in the last minutes, Kanu and Suarez missed two fantastic chances on the counter attack.

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