18/18 for Anderlecht in Europa League

THURSDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2011, 11:27 - Alientje
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Anderlecht beat Lokomotiv Moskou with a spectacular 5-3 score. They are the First Belgian team who managed to get an 18/18 in Europe.

Anderlecht started the game very well with some great actions. Gillet was testing Lokomotiv’s goalie, but didnt manage to score, yet. After 15 minutes the game changed and Moskou managed to score: 0-1.

Kljestan decided to make the 1-1. This gave faith to the team and Canesin scored the 2-1. Time to rest now.

They started the second half very strong again. Jovanovic missed a great opportunity, but not much later Suarez was there to help Wasyl score. Afterwards Mati himself managed to score as well: 4-1. Already his 7th goal in Europe.

Still 20 minutes left, Moskou got a penalty. Sychev scored the goal: 4-2. But the game isn’t over yet. Gillet scored the 5 goal for Anderlecht: 5-2. Also Sychev managed to score another goal: 5-3: game over.

Result: 5-3
Goals: 22' Ignatiev (0-1), 34' Kljestan (1-1), 40' Canesin (2-1), 58' Wasilewski (3-1), 62' Suarez (4-1), 70' Sychev (4-2), 79' Gillet (5-2), 90' Sychev (5-3)

Anderlecht: Proto, Wasilewski, Juhasz, Kouyate, Safari, Marecek, Kljestan, Canesin (87' De Sutter), Gillet (81' Badibanga), Jovanovic, Suarez (73' Mbokani)
Lokomotiv Moskou: Ameltsjenko, Ivanov, Durica, Da Costa, Ilic, Gloesjakov, Torbinski (46' Ozdojev), Zapater, Ignatiev, Maicon (54' Caicedo), Mintsjenkov (46' Sychev)

Yellow: 12' Canesin, 24' Da Costa, 28' Kouyaté, 38' Maicon, 45+3' Ivanov, 77' Juhasz, 84' Ivanov
Red: 83' Ivanov (2x yellow)

Referee: Ivan Bebek
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock stadium

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