Anderlecht to take a bad start in playoffs

TUESDAY, 3 APRIL 2012, 23:38 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht took a bad start in the playoffs by playing 1-1 against Kortrijk. This way, competitors Ghent and Bruges close in. The Brugians are now even on one point of Anderlecht.

The first half was probably the weakest in years. No pace at all, no creativity, and not two good passes in a row. Kortrijk logically scored the 0-1 and even came close to a second goal.

Anderlecht started well on the second half. Suddenly the Mauves created several chances in a row. Eventually Mbokani equalised. But then the pace dropped again. Anderlecht kept looking for the winning goal and was denied a clear penalty. In the end, Proto had to save a point for the Brussels team.

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