Anderlecht to beat Gent with 1-0

SUNDAY, 6 MAY 2012, 19:40 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated AA Gent on Wednesday with 1-0. Kanu scored that goal early in the first half. The Mauves now need one more point against Brugge to win the title.

There wasn't much too see in the Vanden Stock Stadium on Wednesday. There were few chances, pace was slow and there were many bad passes. Yet Kanu managed to score the 1-0 after just 17 minutes of play. His shot, from outside the box, deflected and went in over goalkeeper Padt. Jovanovic missed the 2-0. On the other side, Mboyo, El Ghanassy and Bruls tested goalkeeper Proto.

The second half brought more of the same. Only Kanu had one more chance to score. So the gamed ended on 1-0. Short before the end, Suarez took yellow and will be suspended on Sunday against Bruges.

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