Lierse-Anderlecht 1-1

TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2012, 23:13 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost some more points in the league last weekend. The Mauves ended their game in Lierse on a 1-1 draw, with a late equaliser of the home side. Kanu had opened the score early in the first half.

Anderlecht immediately grabbed Lierse by the throat and created several chances. Early in the match, Kanu was sent deep by Deschacht and scored. The Mauves had several more chances to double their lead, with the best for Jovanovic, but his ball was cleared from the line.

The second half was of a lower level. Anderlecht contolled the game but had to be careful for some fast home attacks. The Belgian champions seemed to be conserving energy for the clash with Milan and didn't pose a threat for the Lierse goalie anymore.

Five minutes before the end, the unthinkable happened: an equaliser of Lierse via Menga. In the last second, De Sutter was held from the winning goal by goalkeeper Sels.

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