Anderlecht win again: 1-4 against Mechelen

SUNDAY, 4 NOVEMBER 2012, 11:13 - Motivee
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Anderlecht have put on yet another great performance, yesterday on the field of KV Mechelen. With 3 goals from De Sutter, and Kouyate with his first of the season, Anderlecht took the 3 points back to Brussels.

Anderlecht played the nearly perfect match and had control over the entire game. Mechelen struggled to create chances and could not keep the ball into the team. Anderlecht on the other hand, created danger and opened the score via Kouyate in the first half.

In the second half, not much changed and De Sutter finished the home team off. In less than 10 minutes time, he scored two goals.

Mechelen sporadically showed some offensive intentions, mostly after some mistakes in the visiting defence. But a good Proto prevented any goals. In the second half, with a 0-3 on the scoreboard, Pedersen succeeded in beating the goalie though.

The revival of the home side didn't last for long. After pushing forward for a few minutes, Anderlecht regained control and scored once more via De Sutter: 1-4.

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