Anderlecht continue their winning streak

MONDAY, 28 JANUARY 2013, 18:14 - Skyhawk
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On Saturday, Anderlecht defeated Sporting Lokeren with 0-2. Lokeren, third in the ranking, were never able to threaten the ruling Belgian champions. Bruges and Genk lost points.

The first minutes were for Lokeren that monopolized the ball. They didn't create any real chances though. After about 10 minutes of play, Anderlecht took over and forced Lokeren into defensive positions. The visitors couldn't create more than a few chances via Kanu though.

The second half was a lot better. Anderlecht increased the pace and rapidly scored via De Sutter who headed the 0-1 on the scoreboard. The center was delivered by Deschacht in his 300th game for Anderlecht.

Lokeren had the chance to equalise via Mukulu. The striker appeared alone in front of Proto but was stopped by the goalie. Anderlecht never came under pressure and kept looking to double the lead. When Jovanovic was brought down in the box, Kanu had to opportunity to score from the penalty spot but he missed. It's already penalty number 8 (out of 13) that was missed this season.

Iakovenko scored not much later, but he was caught offside. Eventually he did the job short before the end. He broke through on the wing and pushed the ball under goalie Lazic: 0-2.