Anderlecht to take three points against Charleroi

SUNDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2013, 16:26 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Charleroi on Friday evening with 2-0. The Mauves dominated but only managed to score twice. The crossbar and the upright were in the way on three other attempts.

Anderlecht obtained an easy win on Friday against Charleroi. Mbokani started the game with two small chances, but had to wait for his third attempt in the 13th minute to score. The Congolese had received the ball via Praet and easily placed the ball into the goal.
Charleroi reacted via Milicevic and Pollet, but Proto did his job. Before the break, Anderlecht decided the game: Kljestan opened for Bruno and his effort went into the right corner.

In the second half, Anderlecht controlled the match and could have scored more. Biglia was stopped by the crossbar and the upright. Also Deschacht hit the upright. In the end, Kanu was also close to scoring but goalkeeper Sifakis saved. Final result: 2-0.

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