Anderlecht loses again

MONDAY, 29 APRIL 2013, 00:25 - WauteRSCA
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Sunday afternoon Club Bruges defeated Anderlecht with 2-1. Lestienne scored both goals for the home team, Massimo Bruno scored the 2-1. In the end, Mbokani missed another penalty. Anderlecht is still second in the ranking.

Anderlecht took an excellent start though and pinned Bruges against their own goal with 72% ball possession. The result was 4 corner kicks in 8 minutes, but the goal fell on the other side. Kljestan lost the ball, Donk centered and Lestienne scored. Anderlecht needed time to recover from the blow, but by the end of the first half, some more chances followed.

In the second half, Lestienne was left free on the wing. He dribbled to the center and scored his second goal. Anderlecht reacted immediately and Bruno brought his team back into the game. From then on, Anderlecht kept searching for the equaliser and found it when De Sutter headed the ball into the goal. But somehow, the referee had seen something... Anderlecht was once again put at a disadvantage by the referee. In the very last second, Mbokani was brought down in the box. He took the penalty himself and ... missed.

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