Defeat after weakest performance of the season

SUNDAY, 2 FEBRUARY 2014, 01:03 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht can surely forget about the title now. And also Bruges caught up with the Mauves again on the second place. Yesterday's display against SK Lierse was shameful and Anderlecht-unworthy!

There is not much to write about the match. Lierse, despite having the weakest defence in the highest division, completely overclassed Anderlecht. The Mauves could not create one decent chance. Only Kaminski, Najar and perhaps Vargas (in the second half) were worthy of wearing the purple-white outfit. So it wasn't a surprise when Diange opened the score after 25 minutes. 1-0 was a good result at half time...

The second half brought more of the same. Watt doubled the lead for Lierse and Anderlecht stood by a saw how their modest opponent demonstrated fighting spirit. A game to be quickly forgotten and a lesson for Mr. Van Holsbeeck who did not take advantage of the winter break to bring a real leader to Anderlecht.

The seventh defeat is a fact. The season is by far the worst in recent years.

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