RSCA get the 3 points against Beveren!

SATURDAY, 30 AUGUST 2003, 23:23 - Maarten
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Anderlecht has beaten Beveneren 1-0 verslagen at the Constant Vandenstock stadium.
Sporting started the game without Zetterberg, but with Mornar and Wilhelmsson.

Anderlecht started strong, Mornar dribbeled the deffence of Beveren and scored the 1-0, the only goal of the game.
After this, Beveren came more in the match. So, the game stayed interesting.
But Beveren forgot to score from their chances. Also after the rest, Anderlecht played slow. It stayed 1-0 and Anderlecht hold the leading position in the competition.
Halfway the second half, Marc Hendrickx was brought in for a weak Seol. Hendrickx was loudly supported by the fans.
Also after the match his name was shouted!

Judge the team's performance

Goals: 11' Mornar

Anderlecht:Zitka, Doll, Kompany (60' Ilic), Tihinen, Deschacht, Wilhelmsson, Hasi, Baseggio (76' Zetterberg), Seol (65' Hendrikx), Mornar, Aruna

Beveren: Copa, Lardenoit, Né A. Joss, Demets, Kaiper, Yapi Yapo, Wostijn, Lebras (72' Marco Né), Eboué, Sanogo, Pehe (70' Diallo)

Yellow:89' Tihinen, 90' Ilic
Stadium:Constant Vanden Stock stadium