"Fault Doku was on the edge of yellow and red"

TUESDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2020, 12:57 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS The Professional Refereeing Department (PRD) finds Jeremy Doku's first yellow card against KV Mechelen to be justified on Saturday. Many shouted for red immediately, but the PRD follows the referee. "But if it was higher on the leg, then it was red."

"It was a reckless mistake, on the border between a yellow and a red card. The Professional Refereeing Department (PRD) follows the referee's decision. If the contact, the offense, would have been higher, the PRD would have had a red card expected ", so it sounds.

That the VAR did not intervene was also justified, according to the PRD. "A VAR intervention was not necessary because a yellow card cannot be seen as a clear and obvious mistake."

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