STVV-RSCA 2-2: blunders decide over the game

SATURDAY, 22 JANUARY 2005, 22:26 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht have lost valuable points again. This time STVV took a point against the Mauves, that lost control over the game thanks to blunders of Peersman and Kompany. The final result was 2-2.

The game started well for Anderlecht when Aruna took advantage of a mistake of Kalissa: 0-1. But then all spotlights were directed at Peersman when he managed to score an own-goal on a corner kick. Fortunatly, Mpenza could bring Anderlecht ahead again with a header.

During the break, Peersman was replaced by Jan Van Steenberghe, who held the Mauves in the game with a few good saves in the second half.
But STVV could equalise though, when Kompany made a serious blunder in the back: 2-2.

Goals: 15' Aruna 0-1, 26' Peersman 1-1 (own), 27' Mpenza 1-2, 73' Ipoua 2-2

STVV: Castro, Beda, Kalisa (26' Kimoto), Mulemo, Delorge, Buvens (55' Ipoua), De Ceulaer (87' Rivic), Diabate, Diawara, Van Imschoot, Niemi
Anderlecht: Peersman (46' Van Steenberghe), Kompany, Tihinen, Zewlakow, Deschacht, Wilhelmsson, Vanderhaeghe, Baseggio, Legear (70' Zetterberg), Aruna, Mpenza (82' Jestrovic)

Red cards: geen
Attendance: 11.000
Referee: Verbist

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