Riemer: "Everyone is ready for this challenge"

THURSDAY, 16 MARCH 2023, 18:19 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS Brian Riemer is looking forward to the confrontation tomorrow night in the Conference League. He wants to qualify for the quarterfinals with Anderlecht and expects an intense match. "How often do you get the chance to play in the quarterfinals? I think it's possible."

In the local press room, the RSCA coach began by praising the Spaniards. "We are playing against the number 16 in the European club ranking. We can only have a lot of respect for this team." Villarreal has won the Conference League in recent years and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. "They are clear favorites, even after last week's 1-1 draw. They have great experience in European competition."

Still, the Dane is hoping for an upset. "We have also shown that we are of the same level. If all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, it is possible. Everyone at our house has to be at their best and we have to keep our fingers crossed that they are not at their best."

Riemer notes, moreover, that his locker room is ready for a fight. "We are Anderlecht. I've never played a game here without pressure. Here, expectations are always high. If you can't stand that, you should go to a team that doesn't play European soccer. But in the locker room, everyone is ready for this challenge. My message: "Enjoy the moment".

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