Anderlecht finally wins again against OHL

MONDAY, 20 MARCH 2023, 13:40 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht managed to win again against OHL. Purple and white dominated before halftime and were able to convert the superiority through a penalty by Slimani. After halftime OHL went on the attack and Verbruggen had to make several saves on chances for Tamari who was a scourge after halftime. Anderlecht played difficult soccer after halftime, but eventually Arnstad made it 0-2 after a nice solo. Anderlecht jumps to place eight, but a tough program awaits Purple and White after the international break. Moreover, Verschaeren possibly suffered a serious injury.

OHL was not a pleasant opponent for Paars-wit in recent seasons and so Anderlecht was warned after the handsome victory in Spain. After a sloppy pass from Murillo, De Norre was able to advance early in the match, but he cracked his shot. Verschaeren kicked Anderlecht's first chance in minute 7 on Ricca's back. Immediately after, Verschaeren injured his knee after an innocuous duel. With a painful grimace, Verschaeren had to be supported as he left the field.

In minute 14, Slimani ran away from Ricca. The Uruguayan ran at the Algerian, but Vergoote did not budge. Big chance for Purple and White in minute 20. Amuzu made it to the back line and Murillo just couldn't reach the ball to push it into the open goal. Just before the half hour, Dreyer was mowed down after he could have crossed. An obvious foul and Vergoote pointed to the spot. Slimani kicked the penalty very neatly into the corner. OHL responded via a slalom from Tamari, but his shot went far wide. In the closing stages, Amuzu had another chance, but he kicked right at Cojocaru. A solid game by Anderlecht which deservedly led 0-1 at halftime.

OHL started the second half with fresh courage. Verbruggen kept Anderlecht straight on two occasions. He saved two big chances from Tamari who surprised first Sardella and then Amuzu. Anderlecht did reply through Amuzu, who just failed to reach Dryer, but it had to recover. After an unnecessary riot, both Diawara and Tamari saw the yellow card.

Anderlecht was no longer able to play soccer and especially the midfield was struggling. Brys brought in extra attacking forces with Maertens and Schrijvers. Leuven's attacking waves had subsided for a while, but Tamari was dangerous once again. His hard cross passed friend and foe. After Murillo's 0-2 was disallowed by VAR due to offside, Ricca escaped a card (which one?) when he torpedoed Amuzu at half height. Anderlecht put everything on the counter. On a breakout, a shot by the substitute Raman could just be pushed into corner. In minute 87, Tamari had yet another chance after halftime, but luckily he tried a turnover instead of heading.

Arnstad, however, seemed to throw the match into a final fold. The Norwegian concluded a solo with a nice place ball, his first goal for Anderlecht. A few minutes later, Purple-White should have made it 0-3. A sloppiness by OHL at the back was just as sloppily finished off by Amuzu. Because of the seven minutes of extra time, Anderlecht had to stay alert.

Thus, Anderlecht wins for the second time in a row against a direct rival for the top eight after a European match. The win puts it in the top-8, but a tough program still awaits. Beginning in April with the always tricky move to Eupen, but this Anderlecht has clearly grown in the competition.

Score: 0-2
Goal(s):0-1 Slimani 33' (PEN), 0-2 Arnstad 89'

OHL:Cojocaru, Patris, Ricca, Pletinckx, Dom (Maertens 68'), De Norre, Mendyl (Schrijvers 68'), Tamari, Kiyine (Vlietinck 76'), Thorsteinsson, Gonzalez (Mpoku 76')
Anderlecht:Verbruggen, Murillo, Debast, Vertonghen, Sardella, Diawara, Ashimeru (Refaelov 68'), Verschaeren (Arnstad 9'), Amuzu, Dreyer, Slimani (Raman 76')

Yellow: Mendyl 31', Ashimeru 58', Diawara 61', Tamari 61', Schrijvers 80'

Referee: Jasper Vergoote
Stadium: King Power at Den Dreef Stadium

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