Anderlecht wins against FCSB

SATURDAY, 1 JULY 2023, 16:26 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht also finished its second friendly game victoriously with generous figures. It won 5-2 against FCSB (Steua Bucharest) in Tienray (near Venlo). A total of 60 minutes were played twice. Anderlecht made the difference in the second 60 minutes.

Anderlecht, who met FCSB last season in the Conference League, went behind before the quarter-hour mark after a goal from Coman. A cross from Raman then surprisingly landed past the Romanian goalkeeper on the quarter-hour mark. After Stroeykens decided too slackly, the Romanians climbed back into the lead via a ball that whirled past everyone, including Van Crombrugge, into goal. Finally, Raman was able to score again and put the 2-2 score on the board after 60 minutes.

In the second game, Anderlecht had ample superiority. Dreyer hit the post and, after an injury, Stassin was replaced by Masscho, but after attempts by Arnstad and Dreyer, the two Scandinavians were still able to push up the score. Dreyer rounded a low cross and Arnstad made it 4-2. In the absolute closing stages, Sardella was nicely sent deep by Dreyer from which the 5-2 fell.

Nice score, but the Romanians' second team presented very little.

First 60 minutes:
Van Crombrugge, N'Diaye, Delcroix, Ismaël Baouf, Engwanda, Kana, Ashimeru, Stroeykens, Amuzu, Monticelli, Raman

After 60 minutes:
Coosemans, Sadiki, Lapage, Lissens, Sardella, Diawara, Leoni, Arnstad, Angulo, Dreyer, Stassin

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