Anderlecht also wins against Lokomotiva Zagreb

SATURDAY, 8 JULY 2023, 08:27 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht won its third friendly game with 3-1 against Lokomotiva Zagreb, which finished seventh in Croatia last season. Riemer posted his strongest team (on paper) at the kick-off which resulted in a 2-0 lead at half-time. In the second half, the Croatians came back after Anderlecht fumbled at the back, but Leoni was able to score once more for Purple and White.

Relatively few chances in the first half, but some combinations on the right, the flank most often sought. After 20 minutes or so, Zagreb started poking at it from time to time. A good header chance on corner ended up in the hands of Coosemans. In minute 33 Anderlecht took the lead via a very nice shot by Diawara from long range. After Raman had also decided just over, the striker rounded off an action by Amuzu who could have broken out on the counter.

Zagreb tried after half-time through a breakaway shot that went over goal. Then, in minute 56, the Croatians scored anyway after lingering and fumbling in defence. However, the absolutely avoidable counter-goal was erased seven minutes later by Leoni who also scored handsomely from distance with a low, hard shot.

In the closing stages, Anderlecht came close to scoring 4-1 a few more times, mainly through Degreef.

Kick-off: 1 p.m.
Venue: training centre Neerpede
Referee: Jonathan Lardot

Goals: 33' Diawara (1-0), 46' Raman (2-0), 56' X (2-1), 63' Leoni (3-1)

Line-up Anderlecht: Coosemans, Sardella (63' Sadiki), Debast (63' Lissens), Vertonghen (46' Kana), N'diaye (46' Delcroix), Diawara (63' Baouf), Arnstad (63' Monticelli), Ashimeru (46' Leoni), Amuzu (46' Angulo), Dreyer (63' Degreef), Raman (46' Stroeykens)

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