Victory in friendly game against Patro Eisden

TUESDAY, 22 AUGUST 2023, 14:17 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht won a friendly match against Patro Eisden this afternoon with 1-0. Players who played little or no minutes yesterday (such as Augustinsson, Arnstad, Kana and Dreyer) and players from the Futures were on the field. Nilson Angulo scored the only goal before the break after an offside phase that may have preceded it.

Judging by the summary, Anderlecht had plenty of chances, especially before the break. It hit the crossbar several times in the finish. After the break, Patro Eisden from the Challenger Pro League set up more and also had some great opportunities. But Anderlecht could also have scored a few more times in the second half. In the second half, Riemer brought in more and more players from the Futures.

Anderlecht started with: Coosemans, Masscho, Lissens, Lapage, Augustinsson, Kana, Arnstad, Stroeykens, Angulo, Dreyer, Vazquez.

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