Poor match yields another draw

TUESDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2023, 16:15 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht failed to hold on to a 1-0 lead against Club Brugge. A goal before halftime by Dolberg was wiped out by Skov Olsen with the equalizer after halftime. Anderlecht started energetically, but Club got into the game better. Before halftime, Purple White had to substitute both Dolberg and Delaney due to injury. After halftime, Hazard had a great chance to double the lead, but it was Skov Olsen who scored. In the closing stages, there was not too much left to do.

Anderlecht immediately put high pressure in the early stages, but after six minutes the first opportunity was for Sabbe who missed his volley. Anderlecht was very eager in the first twenty minutes, but it didn't lead to goal danger. 

Logically, Anderlecht could not keep up the pressure and Club got better in the game. In minute 27, Vertonghen defused a good pass to Skov Olsen and De Cuyper was able to kick at goal. Anderlecht had a very hard time getting the ball near Mignolet in this phase, but in minute 40 a deflected cross from Amuzu was well headed back by Sardella where Dolberg surprised Mechele and headed the 1-0 into goal while falling.

However, this was the last feat of the Danish striker who had to give up the fight after an earlier collision with his knee against Mechele. And before halftime Anderlecht lost another Daney. Delaney came down badly on the shoulder and it remains to be seen how bad this injury is.

After halftime, Club immediately pulled ahead and Purple and White waited. Fifteen minutes after halftime Anderlecht was back in the game better and Hazard had a great chance for the 2-0. Sardella pushed forward, but Hazard popped hard over.

Sardella did well in attack, but laconically intervening by the right back allowed Club to break through. Because DIawara, among others, was standing far too high at that moment, Zinckernagel was allowed to run long and he eventually served Skov Olsen who, with a place ball, beat Schmeichel with a low shot into the far corner.

Fifteen minutes before time, Flips and Dreyer came on to replace the tired Amuzu and Hazard. Dryer immediately intercepted a bad pass from Boyata, but his shot was undersized. Ten minutes before time, Debast paid close attention to a breakaway from Thiago.

With six extra minutes, as every weekend, there was a lot of extra time. Jutgla still kicked to the far corner, but a meter over. Anderlecht was gagged after Hazard's chance. For example, not a single cross came towards Vazquez and the offensive substitutions brought very little. Of course, with Dolberg and Delaney, Anderlecht also lost a lot of quality.

Next weekend Anderlecht has to go to the surprisingly strong Eupen and after three equal games a victory would certainly not be out of place.

Score: 1-1
Goal(s):1-0 Dolberg 40', 1-1 Skov Olsen 64'

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson, Delaney (Diawara 45+2'), Rits, Leoni, Hazard (Flips 76'), Amuzu (Dreyer 76'), Dolberg (Vazquez 43')
Club Brugge:Mignolet, Sabbe, Mechele, Spileers, De Cuyper, Onyedika, Vetlesen (Jutgla 67'), Vanaken, Skov Olsen (Boyata 76'), Zinckernagel (Nielsen 67'), Thiago

Yellow: Vetlesen 13', Vazquez 90'+3

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Lotto Park

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