Vazquez frees Anderlecht in added time

WEDNESDAY, 29 NOVEMBER 2023, 11:09 - emjomi
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GAMES Anderlecht won another Brussels derby, but it took a lot of effort. RWDM set a low block throughout the match and got out quickly a few times in the early stages, making it 0-1 through Mercier. Before halftime, Purple White missed a few chances. After halftime Anderlecht increased the pressure after the substitutions of Stroeykens and Raman. That resulted in a penalty which was converted by Dreyer. In extra time, Vazquez (who replaced an injured Dolberg early on) headed the winning goal in goal.

Anderlecht got an early warning from the visitors. Schmeichel could easily save, however. Leoni had a first great chance for Purple White after a clever pass from Rits, but he did not hit the ball well. RWDM came out quickly at times. Camara, ex-RSCA Futures, shot just before the quarter-hour mark. Anderlecht had already been warned twice, but apparently not enough. On the quarter-hour mark, RWDM was able to break out very easily after a corner. Mercier crossed diagonally in front of Schmeichel and finished very neatly in the far corner. Anderlecht continued to attack, but only just before the half hour did this result in a second chance. Delaney just couldn't reach a cross at the far post. 

An early mistake by Heris on Dolberg broke Purple-White down sourly. The Danish top marksman had to leave the field injured after half an hour. The substitute Vazquez did make himself noticed immediately. However, his shot was not placed precisely enough. Anderlecht could not complain when a free kick by Mercier landed just beside the goal in minute 39. Defourny showed himself important again by stopping a header by Vazquez. Just before halftime, the Argentine almost had another chance, but his ball control left much to be desired.

In the initial phase after halftime, Anderlecht played too sloppily to break through RWDM's low block. Debast headed wide just before the hour. Raman and Stroeykens were Riemer's first substitutions and they brought the necessary drive to the game. In minute 70, Lambrechts pointed to the spot after Gueye kicked Delaney. Although the ball was already gone, Gueye clearly hit Delaney. Defourny still touched Dreyer's penalty, but not enough to prevent the deserved equalizer. Moments later, Raman headed a huge chance wide, though he seemed surprised that the ball still reached him.

In minute 78, RWDM showed they were still alive with a shot from Dwomoh. RWDM was getting tougher and tougher. It escaped a minute later when Stroeykens also had a huge chance, but the ball was saved even before the line. Vazquez once again kicked wide on the turn. Camara received a second yellow for a minor foul, leaving Purple White against ten men in the closing stages. The apotheosis would still follow in added time. In minute 92, Vertonghen crossed well. Vazquez appeared at the far post and headed Anderlecht into the lead.

Thus Anderlecht won the derby at the last minute after a difficult match. By losing points to its direct competitors, it does well in the standings. On Friday, Purple and White have to visit Westerlo and those have not always been the most pleasant trips.

Score: 2-1
Goal(s):0-1 Mercier 16', 1-1 Dreyer 75', 2-1 Vazquez 90'+2

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson, Rits (Ashimeru 89'), Delaney, Leoni (Stroeykens 62'), Flips (Raman 62'), Dreyer, Dolberg (Vazquez 34')
RWDM:Defourny, Sissako (Segovia 75'), Camara, Klaus, Heris, Abner (Koné 46'), Dwomoh (Del Piage 87'), Abe, Mercier (Dailly 87'), Reine-Adélaïde (Mboup 65'), Gueye

Yellow: Abner 1', Flips 49', Gueye 73', Camara 82', Camara 87', De Camargo 88'
Red: Camara 87' (2x yellow)

Referee: Erik Lambrechts
Stadium: Lotto Park

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