Riemer: "We are patient with Flips"

FRIDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2023, 10:34 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS Anderlecht plays tonight against Westerlo, the club against which Alexis Flips made his debut in August and showed great things. The Frenchman could not continue that line, but coach Brian Riemer is giving him time. "We knew it might take some time for him to get there," Riemer said.

"When we got Alexis, we knew he was a project for the future," Riemer said on his press call yesterday. "As a coach, and I can imagine also as a player, you always hope that things happen quickly. That things happen right away and are suddenly perfect. But we also know that it doesn't always go that way. For some players, think for example of Theo and Mario, it takes some time. Then we get impatient and some people will stop believing him in them. But at some point it will turn around."

"We know Alexis is a top player. He has all the qualities our team needs. He fits our way of playing perfectly. We have all the patience with him. We knew it might take some time for him to get there. And that is the case. But now it's up to him to relax. Take it easy, train well, do things the way they should be done. don't get frustrated. At some point then things will turn out well."

"I am convinced he will become a great player for us in the future."

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