"Value of Rits, Delaney and Vertonghen cannot be overestimated"

FRIDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2023, 09:20 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Not only is the team running very well this season, but several youngsters have made great strides in recent months. Coach Brian Riemer points out the importance of some experienced pawns in the development of guys like Leoni, Stroeykens and Sardella.

Riemer was asked at his press conference yesterday about the importance of Thomas Delaney to the team. "The coach of Denmark put it well at the World Cup. Delaney missed the first match (0-0 against Tunisia) due to injury. In his evaluation afterwards, he gave Delaney's absence as one of the reasons Denmark could not win. Because Delaney drives the team," Riemer said.

"A team cannot consist of 11 Delaney's, but neither can it consist of 11 Verschaerens. Finding that balance is very important."

"For young players like Verschaeren, Stroeykens, Leoni, Sardella and Debast, it's important to have players like Delaney, Vertonghen and Rits around them. You can't underestimate that value. They not only make the team better, but also the individuals. That's also why we saw some youngsters blossom in the past few months. They have players they can lean on."

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