Anderlecht goes through after 2-0 win

FRIDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2023, 09:23 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht won 2-0 against Standard in the Croku Cup. The match was briefly stopped at the end due to disturbances in the Standard supporters' box. Standard played well before halftime, but Stroeykens very cleverly kicked the 1-0 into goal. After halftime, Standard defended sloppily, putting Dreyer in position. The Dane did not hesitate and scored the 2-0. Standard hit the post, but after a red card for Price, the Rouches were completely out of the soup. An unsavory apotheosis followed in the end when Standard supporters started throwing chairs.

In a balanced first half, Standard started with the most conviction. Dupé had to intervene quickly after a small miscalculation by Vertonghen. Still, Anderlecht had the first real chance through Dreyer, but the Dane's lob was poorly aimed. In minute 20, things got tense when Dupé almost lost the ball when playing out. Anderlecht struggled to get into its game and suffered a lot of ball loss. Standard threatened again through Kanga after Rits' ball loss. Vertonghen and Dupé, however, were on standby.

Despite barely getting any chances, Purple-White climbed into the lead in minute 31. Standard's defense hesitated on a long ball from Sardella that reached Stroeykens. Stroeykens was given all the time to kick and did so with brio so that the 1-0 flew handsomely against the nets. Dreyer was then also launched but the Dane had to give way to two defenders. In the closing stages, Standard came close. O'Neill kicked half a meter wide in extra time.

After halftime, Delaney headed a great chance over goal in minute 51. Immediately after, Fossey played sloppy soccer which allowed Dolberg to find Dryer. The Dane rarely misses chances like that these days and Purple and White doubled the lead. Standard responded via corners and came close to the counter goal through Kawabe who hit the post with a hard shot. Moments later, Standard's ambitions were seriously snuffed out when Price was ruled out. A harsh decision because although he hit N'Diaye high on the shin, the contact did not appear to be very hard. A VAR would presumably have converted this into yellow.

Anderlecht then switched to walking and control soccer, leaving little to be experienced. The supporters of Standard thought otherwise and started to besiege the lower boxes with numerous chairs from the stands. This of course resulted in a cat-and-mouse game with the supporters of Anderlecht. In minute 87', Van Driessche rightly decided to stop the match. Another incident in recent years between the 'supporters' of both clubs. After a relatively short break, the match was resumed. In the last minutes, N'Diaye dropped out with a (light?) injury, Dupé saved Standard's last chance and Vanheusden got a yellow card for a late tackle on De Greef.

Thus Anderlecht continued relatively easily, even if it did not reach its very best level. It remains to be seen what consequences the incidents at the end of the match will have on Sunday's match. Anderlecht will then play Standard again.

Score: 2-0
Goal(s): 1-0 Stroeykens 31', 2-0 Dreyer 51'.

Anderlecht:Dupé, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, N'Diaye (Patris 87'), Rits, Delaney (Ashimeru 79'), Stroeykens (De Greef 79'), Verschaeren (Leoni 71'), Dreyer, Dolberg (Vazquez 71')
Standard:Henkinet, Vanheusden, Laifis, Ngoy, Fossey, Çanak (Djenepo 63'), O'Neill (Hayden 63'), Alzate, Price, Kawabe (Sowah 79') and Kanga (Ohio 63')

Yellow: Alzate 27', Sardella 53', Stroeykens 69', Ashimeru 85', Vanheusden 90'+2
Red: Price 59'

Referee: Bram Van Driessche 

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