Arnstad: "I got an arm in my face"

TUESDAY, 6 FEBRUARY 2024, 15:27 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS After the match between Anderlecht and Gent, Gent coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck framed the debate on Julien De Sart's disallowed goal. Kristian Arnstad and Ismael Kandouss, victim and perpetrator of the foul at the phase in question, both gave their accounts of the facts afterwards.

"I got an arm in my face," Arnstad said in front of the television microphone after the game. I fell down, so it makes sense that it was a free kick. This is a clear error for me."

Kandouss admits he hit Arnstad in the face with his hand. "But that was involuntary and because he is smaller," the Gent player said. "I was just trying to make a run without the intention of committing a foul. Arnstad wanted to stop me. In my eyes wrong, so it actually had to be a penalty kick."

"On the footage you can also see that Arnstad lies down again when he notices it's goal," Kandouss said.

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