Futures miss a lot of players but draw against Patro

MONDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2024, 19:24 - lajoya
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GAMES - 1B The RSCA Futures played to a 0-0 draw this afternoon visiting Patro Eisden. Not an unkind result against the higher ranked Limburgers, because coach Marink Reedijk (photo) had to miss a lot of players. 

The Futures were missing Engwanda brothers, Amando Lapage, Robbie Ure and Tristan Degreef due to injuries. Nilson Angulo, Luca Monticelli and Antoine Colassin were with the A core. Anderlecht nevertheless started the game nicely. It even saw the 0-1 cleared off the line. However, the biggest chances were for Patro. Dansoko twice and Sam appeared alone in front of goalkeeper Vanhoutte, but did not score.

Score: 0-0
Goal(s) : /

Patro Eisden:Heekeren, Kis, Corstjens, Dijkhuizen, Van Eenoo, Peeters, Dansoko (82' Noubissi), Renson, Sigurdarson (46' Sam Bruce), Pietermaat, Pierrot (69' Limbombe)
RSCA Futures:Vanhoutte, Masscho, Barry, Baouf, Moutha-Sebtaoui, Bouchouari (89' Maamar), De Cat, Tajaouart, De Corte (80' Montegnies), Vergeylen, Goto

Yellow: 22' Pierrot, 28' Peeters, 31' Sigurdarson
Red: /

Referee: Michiel Eijgelsheim (Ned)
Stadium: Patro-Stadion

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