Anderlecht does not want to be responsible for fans' behaviour

FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2024, 09:32 - lajoya
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INJURIES Anderlecht has defended itself at the Federal Prosecutor's Office following the incidents that occurred in the cup match against Standard. The facts date back to December. During the eighth final of the Belgian Cup between Anderlecht and Standard, supporters of both clubs asserted themselves in a sad way: chairs were thrown and fireworks were set off.

Anderlecht opposes the idea of a match without fans. The club believes it did everything possible to prevent these incidents and therefore does not deserve any punishment. In doing so, Anderlecht criticises the principle of objective liability. In other words, the club disputes that a club should automatically be punished because of the bad behaviour of its supporters.

Lawyers Gregory Ernes and Sheena Belmans explain that matches without a crowd only increase the frustration of supporters and would thus encourage violence. They hereby propose a different approach, following the English model.

The public prosecutor's office's decision will be made public soon. Prior to these discussions, both clubs had already taken action by banning visiting supporters during the Clásicos until the end of the 2024/2025 season.

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