Vertonghen gives impression that he wants to continue playing football

FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2024, 10:29 - lajoya
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OTHER He does not say it literally, but in an extensive interview with Het Nieuwsblad, Jan Vertonghen hinted that he will still be a footballer next season. ‘The desire to continue is there,' he says. ‘I feel good, we are playing at a good level and next year there will be European football.' Within this and a month, Vertonghen wants to tie the knot.

‘If I stop now, I will have already played my last game for Anderlecht. That's a strange thought,' Vertonghen says. ‘But I want to be sure I can give Anderlecht what it deserves. I don't want to be a block.'

Vertonghen says he has already had one good conversation with Anderlecht about his future. That's been a while since everyone has been focusing on the title race in recent weeks. ‘This week I will be at the club and then we will sit together again,' Vertonghen said. ‘I'll decide within the month.' Vertonghen says Anderlecht want an answer and he himself does not want to be too concerned with it during the European Championship preparations.

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