Transfers based on European ticket

FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2024, 10:40 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Anderlecht face a crucial weekend: will it be Champions League (preliminary round), Europa League or Conference League? The result of the game against Antwerp, combined with the results of Bruges and Union, will in any case determine what the summer transfer window will look like for Anderlecht. After the defeat against Club Brugge, Anderlecht dropped back to third place, but that could still change.

If purple-white finish third, the Europa League play-off will follow, with safety net of the Conference League. However, a better place gives access to the Champions League preliminary round (or direct placement in case of a title). The revenue difference between the Champions League and the Europa League is huge, while the difference between the Europa League and the Conference League is negligible.

Achieving second place would also have a direct impact on the transfer window, as Anderlecht would have to start working earlier to prepare for the European games.

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