Anderlecht lost points in Genk

SUNDAY, 28 AUGUST 2005, 23:26 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht have lost points against Racing Genk. The Mauves came two up, but the game ended on a 3-3 draw. Anderlecht controled the game, until Vanden Borre was sent off. Mbo Mpenza scored a hattrick.

The game started furiously. Genk tried to score an early goal and Anderlecht needed a few fouls to keep them from a goal. Kompany and Vanden Borre both got yellow.
Slowly, the Mauves restored the balance in the game, without creating chances. Though they came one up right before half time when Zetterberg opened for Mpenza who netted the ball: 0-1.

After the break, Anderlecht controled the game and even doubled the score. Mpenza scored again in a rebound. An easy goal, certainly since goalkeeper Moons seemed to be hit from his intervention seconds before.

Then the weak leading referee De Bleeckere brought himself into the spotlights. He gave Vanden Borre a second yellow card after a normal duel. Earlier in the match, he had already missed two penalty phases (one for Anderlecht and one for Genk). He also didn't notice how Jestrovic was kicked down by a Genk defender. Sadly, we have to say that he does not have the capacity to lead a topmatch.

Genk's hope got renewed because of the exclusion of Vanden Borre. They scored twice in one minute. First, Anderlecht keeper Proto pushed a header of Vandooren over the line and seconds later Cornelis scored with a shot from distance.

Anderlecht were out but not down. On a counter attack, Mpenza brought the Mauves one up again, but minute's later Proto failed clearing an easy center and Mikulic equalised: 3-3.

RESULT: 3-3 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Goals: 45' en 61' Mpenza 0-1 en 0-2 73' Vandooren 1-2, 74' Cornelis 2-2 80' Mpenza 2-3, Mikulic 3-3

Racing Genk: Moons, Cornelis, Matoukou, Mikulic, Sigurdsson (66' Soetaers), Beslija, Oliseh, Vandooren, Daerden, Vandenbergh, Stojanovic (66' Peeters)
Anderlecht: Proto, Vanden Borre, Kompany, Tihinen, Deschacht, Wilhelmsson (84' Zewlakow), Zetterberg (72' De Man), Vanderhaeghe, Goor, Jestrovic (60' Delorge), Mpenza

Yellow: Oliseh, Vandooren, Kompany, Goor, Jestrovic
Red card: 70' Vanden Borre (2x geel)

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