Anderlecht crush Westerlo

SATURDAY, 15 APRIL 2006, 00:33 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht have beaten Westerlo with 5-0. The Mauves only scored the first goal after 54 minutes of play. Pujol was man of the match with a hattrick, an assist, and a suffered penalty fault.

The first half wasn't that good. The Mauves had a few good chances but forgot to score. Also Westerlo could have made the opener when Proto made a mistake.

By the end of the first 45 minutes, Anderlecht raised the pace. When Serhat and seconds later Goor were tackled down in the box, the home side claimed a penalty.

In the second half, the Brussels' side walked over Westerlo. Pujol scored three goals in 20 minutes and suffered a penalty fault, converted by Zetterberg. The Frenchman also gave the assist for Mpenza's late goal: 5-0.

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