Anderlecht win opening game

SUNDAY, 30 JULY 2006, 22:50 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht started the new league with a victory against STVV. The Mauves overcame a loss of points with two late goals and won with a 2-4 score. The 3 points are going to Brussels, but the game wasn't really of a high level.

Anderlecht took the best start and put STVV under pressure. Van Damme and Tchite left the best impression. Van Damme opened for Boussoufa, who centered to Tchite, but a defender could clear the danger. Anderlecht's dominance was broken after 20 minutes, when Van Damme got red when he tackled Munyaneza from behind. De Man came in for Biglia to restore the balance in the defense. Unfortunatly, he had to be replaced 20 minutes later due to injury. That way, Leiva made his debute. Goor came to reinforce the defensive line.

The second half started promising. After 51 minutes of play, Goor opens the score on a pass of Tchite. Though 8 minutes later, the home side equalised on a corner kick (Munyaneza 1-1). STVV now stormed Anderlecht's goal. Delorge had a good chance but couldn't score. 10 minutes later, Anderlecht got what they asked for. Vanden Borre lost the ball in a foolish way and Sishuba scores: 2-1. The Mauves were even lucky it stayed with that, when another ball came back from the post.

But Anderlecht tried to recover from this huge disappointment. They came back in the game when Hayen scores an own goal: 2-2. With still 13 minutes on the clock, the Belgian champions pushed forward again. First, the linesman kept Anderlecht from scoring, but two minutes before the end Tchite shoots his team one up: 2-3. In stoppage time, Legear (who had replaced Hassan) centered for Tchite and he scored again: 2-4

Line-up Anderlecht: Zitka, Deschacht, Van Damme, Juhasz, Vanden Borre, Goor, Biglia (31' De Man, 44' Leiva), Vanderhaeghe, Hassan (88' Legear), Boussoufa, Tchite

Line-up Sint-Truiden: Deelkens, Mulemo, Wisniowski, Hayen, Delorge, Debroux, Peeters (57' Van Houdt), Simaeys, Hendrikx (57' Sishuba), Buvens, Munyaneza (82' Mbonabucya)

Score: 2-4

Goals: 51' Bart Goor (0-1), 59' Henri Munyaneza (1-1), 69' Asanda Sishuba (2-1), 77' Nicky Hayen (2-2), 88' Mohammed Tchite (2-3), 89' Mohammed Tchité (2-4)

Yellow: 06' Landry Mulemo , 35' Ahmed Hassan , 37' Sander Debroux , 44' Yves Vanderhaeghe
Red: 20' Jelle Van Damme

Stadium: Staaien
Toeschouwers: 12.000
Referee: Wouters

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