Anderlecht humiliated at home

SUNDAY, 1 OCTOBER 2006, 01:40 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost the first place in the ranking tonight after a heavy 1-4 loss against Racing Genk. Already after 2 minutes, Genk opened the score and Anderlecht never came back into game again...

Genk immediatly took a head-start. Anderlecht defended weak and Vandenbergh could score. Before the Mauves could react, it was already 0-2, again via Vandenbergh. Slowly, Anderlecht recovered from the two goals and push Genk back. Biglia and Frutos had a few good chances, but the score at half time was still 0-2.

In the second half, Anderlecht increased the pressure. Genk could not create a single chance anymore and they were saved time after time by their goalkeeper. Finally, Anderlecht scored 1-2 through Boussoufa. Genk seemed to collapse under the pressure, but they surprisingly scored again shortly before the end. It became even more painful when Ljubojevic scored his second goal of the evening: 1-4.

Score: 1-4
Goals: 0-1 02' Kevin Vandenbergh, 0-2 09' Kevin Vandenbergh, 1-2 65' Mbark Boussoufa, 1-3 86' Goran Ljubojevic, 1-4 89' Goran Ljubojevic

Anderlecht: Zitka, Deschacht, Pareja, Van Damme (52' Boussoufa), Vanden Borre (87' Juhasz), Biglia, Goor, Hassan, Vanderhaeghe (76' Akin), Frutos, Tchité
Genk: Logan Bailly, Jean-Philippe Caillet , Hans Cornelis , Eric Matoukou , Sebastien Pocognoli , Thomas Chatelle (78' Alex Da Silva ), Wim De Decker , Faris Haroun , Tom Soetaers , (68' Gonzague Vandooren ), Wouter Vrancken , Kevin Vandenbergh

Yellow: 47' Jelle Van Damme, 56' Bart Goor, 59' Faris Haroun

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