Club Bruges - Anderlecht: 2-2

SUNDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2007, 16:50 - andy
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Anderlecht failed to win in Bruges this afternoon. The game ended in a 2-2 draw. This means that Anderlecht will have to share the top spot of the ranking with Racing Genk.

Both teams had a few surprises up their sleeves. Anderlecht started the game without the input of Jelle Van Damme and Ahmed Hassan. Bruges had to replace the injured goalkeeper Stijn Stijnen for youngster Glenn Verbouwhede and Ishiaku is given preference over Salou in the attack.

From the start of the game on Bruges is in control and created a few minor chances. After 20 minutes it is Bosko Balaban who flashed a first warning for the Anderlecht defence. His shot is spectacularly saved by Zitka. Anderlecht, however, does not take the warning to heart and has trouble keeping possession of the ball. In the 35th minute Bruges are awarded a free kick which is taken by the inevitable Balaban. Zitka manages to save but in the rebound Ishiaku can easily put the ball into the net: a deserved lead for Club Bruges.

The second half starts somewhat apprehensively for both teams. Referee Gumienny feels the need to liven things up by handing out four yellow cards in less than ten minutes. Wasilewski, Biglia, Klukowski and Vermant are booked. It is again Bruges that manages to create the first chance of the second half but midfielder Englebert is not able to score. 66 minutes into the game Bruges are awarded a corner. Again Ishiaku is able to score and put Bruges 2-0 ahead. Anderlecht will have to pull out the big guns in order to salvage a point and coach Vercauteren decides to replace Deschacht for attacking midfielder Hassan. A mere two minutes later the latter has a good opportunity but his shot goes wide.

Ten minutes before the final whistle Anderlecht are awarded a corner. Boussoufa manages to find Juhasz and he scores the 2-1, which gave the Brussels team new hope. Minutes later, however, Koen Daerden could have consolidated the victory for Bruges but his shot only managed to hit the crossbar. Five minutes before the end of the game Vercauteren sends in striker Mbokani hoping for a last assault and in the last minutes Anderlecht found what they were looking for. Juhasz finds the unmarked Nicolas Frutos who can easily head the ball past Verbauwhede: 2-2. A large disappointment for Club Bruges who were in control during most of the game. Anderlecht on the other hand are lucky to grab a point.

Score: 2-2

Anderlecht: Zitka, Wasilewski (85’ Mbokani), Pareja (81’ Vanden Borre), Deschacht (72’ Hassan), Juhasz, De Man, Biglia, Goor, Boussoufa, Tchité, Frutos
Bruges: Verbauwhede, Priske, Maertens, Clement, Klukowski, Englebert, Vermant, Van Heerden, Daerden (85’ Blondel), Balaban, Ishiaku (67’ Yulu- Matondo)

Goals: 33' en 66' Ishiaku (1-0 en 2-0), 78' Juhasz (2-1), 90' Frutos (2-2)

Yellow cards: De Man, Biglia, Klukowski, Vermant, Pareja
Red cards: /
Referee: Serge Gumienny

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