RSCA -AA Ghent 2-0

SUNDAY, 25 JANUARY 2004, 01:41 - Bacardiboy
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Anderlecht is heading for the title. They won against AA Ghent, but they didn't play their best match.

It could start much better for the Mauves. In the first minute Seol scored after a mistake in the Ghent-defense. After that, both teams played very bad.

Also in the second half there wasn't much improvement. Anderlecht was the best team, but they didn't have many chances. At the end of the second half Mornar secured the victory.

: : : DIGEST : : :
Goals: 1' Seol 1-0, 70' Mornar 2-0

Anderlecht: Zitka, Zewlakow, Tihinen, Deschacht, Seol (67' Zetterberg), De Boeck, Kompany, Baseggio, Mornar, Aruna (69' Iachtchouk), Kolar (67' Hendrikx)
Gent: Herpoel, Peeters, Vanhoyweghen, De Brul (25' Dever), Oussalah, Theunis, Mudingayi, Verschuere, Cavens, Zézéto (76' Jarakovic), Mrdakovic (68' Ribus)

Yellow cards: De Boeck (A), Iachtchouk(A), Oussalah(G), Cavens(G)
Referee: Ver Eecke
Audience: 22.460

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