Second victory in the league: 1-0 vs. Lokeren

SUNDAY, 12 AUGUST 2007, 04:48 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Lokeren tonight, but it wasn't an easy match. The final result was 1-0 with a goal of Mémé Tchité after 80 minutes of play. Biglia got injured and is probably out for the game against Fenerbahçe.

The Mauves, with Polak in the starting line-up, dominated the game and created several chances. Though Lokeren came to Brussels to defend the nill. Goalkeeper Copa was man of the match, saving a lot of good efforts from the home side.

Tchité made sure the three points stayed in Anderlecht. He scored late in the game on a center of Mpenza.

Score: 1-0
Goal: 79' Tchité 1-0

Anderlecht: Daniel Zitka, Mark De Man, Olivier Deschacht, Roland Juhasz, Jelle Van Damme (69' Bart Goor), Marcin Wasilewski, Lucas Biglia (46' Mpenza), Mbark Boussoufa, Ahmed Hassan (86' Legaer), Jan Polak, Mohammed Tchité
Lokeren: Barry Boubacar 'Copa', João Carlos, Olivier Doll, Hassan El Mouataz, Saidou Mady Panandetiguiri, Mario Carevic (54' Boban Jancevski), Marcel Mbayo, Killian Overmeir, Tshilola Tshinyama Tiko, Ivan Vukomanovic (83' Ibrahim Salombo Somé), Patiyo Tambwe (75' Van Hoey)

Yellow: 58' Saidou Mady Panandetiguiri, 60' Marcin Wasilewski, 89' Tsholola Tiko
Red: /

Referee: Claude Bourdouxhe
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock