Dender - Anderlecht: 2-2

SATURDAY, 18 AUGUST 2007, 20:43 - Catootje
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Anderlecht weren’t able to beat Dender this evening. The final score was 2-2. A result that no one expected at the beginning of the game. But Dender surprisingly came back in the match after being 0-2 behind.

Anderlecht started great. After 10 minutes Hassan got the ball and scored the 0-1 out of the blue. Only five minutes later Boussoufa score the second goal after a free kick. Everybody was convinced that Anderlecht would take the three points with them. In a few minutes the game completely changed. Destorme scored the 1-2 and before the break Dender scored a second goal. Only Tchité had a chance to score the 3-2.

After the break the Mauves weren’t as strong anymore. Dender created chances but the couldn’t score. Both teams have tried to win the game but it didn’t work out the way they wanted. The 2-2 was a logical result. Because of the draw Anderlecht lose their first place in the championship.

Score: 2-2
Goal(s): 11' Hassan 0-1, 19', Boussoufa 0-2, 23' Destorme 1-2, 43' Munyaneza 2-2

Dender:Lemmens, Gerets, Derijck, De Petter, Vandeput, Barbé (87' Neels), Peeters, Juanma, Degroote (80' Filipovic), Munyaneza (73' Sylla), Destorme
Anderlecht: Zitka, Wasilewski, Juhasz, De Man, Deschacht, Polak, Goor (79' Jelle Van Damme), Hassan, Boussoufa, Tchité (63' Théréau), Mpenza (68' Legear)

Yellow: 63' Mbark Boussoufa, 70' Timothy Derijck
Red: /

Referee: Luc Wouters
Stadium: Fl. Beeckman stadium

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