Draw against Genk

MONDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2007, 10:56 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht couldn't win again. Last night's game ended on a 1-1 draw against vice-champions Racing Genk. The Mauves were clearly the best team, but they couldn't score until late in the second half.

Anderlecht dominated most of the first half. There weren't many chances, but nonetheless the Belgian champions should have scored: Hassan appeared in front of goalkeeper Bailly, but he lifted the ball over the crossbar. Also Biglia was close to scoring on a free-kick.

In the second half, Genk played better and Zitka had to save several attempts. Though it was Anderlecht that was closest to a goal, but Van Damme's header was saved by Bailly. From then on the Brussels' side took control over the game and created several chances. But the problem of the last few weeks persisted: they couldn't get the ball in the nets.

On a rare counter attack, Genk scored: 1-0. With 10 minutes left on the clock, Anderlecht faced a hard task. Though three minutes before the end, Polak passed to Serhat and the Turkish striker scored the equaliser.

In the last minute, the Mauves were even close scoring the winning goal, but the game ended on a draw.

Score: 1-1
Goal(s): 78' Elianiv Barda, 87' Serhat Akin

RC Genk: Bailly, Cornelis, Caillet, Lolo, Tiago, Vrancken, Toth, Soetaers, Barda, Haroun (77' Jakovenko), Bosnjak (69' Ljubojevic)
Anderlecht: Zitka, De Man, Pareja, Deschacht, Van Damme, Polak, Biglia, Goor, Hassan, Legear (83' Théréau), Serhat

Yellow: 14' Igor Lolo, 14' Jelle Van Damme, 34' Jean-Philippe Caillet, 44' Ahmed Hassan
Red: /

Referee: Paul Allaerts
Stadium: Cristal Arena

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