Charleroi beat Anderlecht

SUNDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2007, 15:14 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht couldn't beat Charleroi yesterday. The final result was 0-1. The Mauves created a lot of chances in the first half, but couldn't score. One minute before the break, Charleroi scored after a mistake in the defense.

The Mauves weren't able to threated Charleroi in the second half and that way the score remained 0-1.

Score: 0-1
Goal(s): 0 - 1 45' Tim Smolders

Anderlecht: Zitka, De Man, Deschacht, Pareja, Van damme, Biglia, Goor (73' Mbark Boussoufa), Hassan, Polak (83' Cyril Théréau), Akin, Legear (83' Roland Juhasz)
Charleroi: Laquait, Defays, Kéré, Sbai, Camus, Christ (Laurent Ciman), Leiva, Oulmers, Smolders, Akpala (83' Damien Miceli), Dos Santos Costa (73' Michael N'Dri)

Yellow: /
Red: /
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock

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