1-1: Anderlecht Draw Away At Aalborg

THURSDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2007, 21:34 - andy
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Anderlecht could not manage to win from the modest Aalborg. The Brussels team came ahead early in the second half through Wasilewski but gave away the victory late into the second half.

Anderlecht tried to control the game from the onset but Aalborg were masters in disrupting the gameplay with minor fouls. As a result chances were slim in the first half. Fifteen minutes into the game Nicolas Frutos was able to head in a Hassan center but his attempt could not threaten the Moroccan goalkeeper Zaza.

Aalborg, in its turn, could only pose a threat through a few free kicks which Anderlecht unnecessarily gave away. Near the end of the first half Anderlecht did succeed in putting on the pressure. A free kick by Biglia found Wasilewski but again his attempt lacked force.

The beginning of the second half proved to be much of an improvement. Anderlecht pushed on which soon created chances for Serhat and Frutos. It was an own goal, however, that gave Anderlecht the lead. A Biglia free kick was misjudged by Zaza, Danish defender Jakobson was unlucky to put the ball into his own goal, but credit was given to Wasilewski.

Anderlecht should’ve controlled the game but instead the team started playing with fire. After a free kick Aalborg came close to scoring the equaliser. Biglia was there to clear the ball from the goal line. The Mauves did not take the warning to heart and continuous clumsiness in the defense created dangerous opportunities for Aalborg.

It was no surprise then when Aalborg did succeed in scoring. A free kick was cleared unsuccessfully and substitute Lindström was free to knock the ball past Zitka. With five minutes remaining Anderlecht could not overcome the draw. A missed opportunity to secure early access to the next round.

Score: 1-1
Goal(s): 58'Wasilewski(1-0), 85' Lindström (1-1)

Aalborg:Zaza, Califf, Jakobsen, Olesen, Pedersen, Johansson (Enevoldsen), Risgård, Augustinussen, Curth, Nomvethe (77' Lindström)
RSC Anderlecht:Zitka, Deschacht, Juhasz, Pareja, Wasilewski, Biglia, Goor, Polak, Akin (87' Van Damme), Frutos, Hassan (82' Legear)

Yellow cards: 12' Serhat, 12' Pedersen, 35' Pareja, 44' Prica, 89' Risgård
Red cards:

Referee: Duhamel
Stadium: Aalborg

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