Anderlecht-Brugge 5-1

SUNDAY, 23 MARCH 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht has won his toptable match against Club Brugge with 5-1. The leader still has 11 points of advance on the Brussels' club, who is again second.

Coach Sollied chose Smolders in place of Saeternes to be striker and Club had to let the initiative to Anderlecht. Aruna dribbled as usual a lot and gave some work to Verlinden. Just before half an hour, the Ivorian lobs Brugge's defense and permits Lovre to score a nice goal.
Brugge's reaction was there: Ceh scored a beautiful free-kick in the hook. It was 1-1.
A little before the rest, Anderlecht was winning 3-1: Jestrovic scored with his hand in the opposite corner and scored a penatly after a fault by Maertens. Puzzled, Brugge had to abandon.
The nice play anderlecht was developing was indisputable. Brugge even scored a fourth goal by the defensive Junior. The Astrid Park was on fire and the spectators were euphoric.
Brugge wasn't let to rest. Aruna added a goal to his excellent performance: 5-1 and that was it. Brugge lost for the second time in a row.

Score :5 - 1

Home : Zitka, Doll, De Boeck, Tihinen, Deschacht, Lovre (87 'Zewlakow), Baseggio, Junior, Kolar ('85 Seol), Jestrovic (88' Mornar), Aruna
(Reserves: Crasson, Iachtchouk, Seol, Mornar, Ilic, Zewlakow, Milojevic)
Visitors : Verlinden, De Cock, Clement, Maertens (62' Serebrennikov), Van der Heyden, Englebert, Simons, Ceh, Verheyen (46' S?ternes) , Smolders (62' Stoica), Mendoza
(Reserves: Stijnen, Ristic, De Brul, Serebrennikov, Stoica, Cornelis, S?ternes)

Goals : 28' Lovre 1-0, 38'Ceh 1-1, 43' Jestrovic 2-1, 44' Jestrovic 3-1 (pen), 58' Junior 4-1, 75' Aruna 5-1
Yellow : 32' Gert Verheyen, 64' Gaëtan Englebert
Red :
Referee : Verbist

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