Anderlecht win after bad game

MONDAY, 3 MARCH 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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After a very boring game, Anderlecht has defeated Charleroi with 2-0.
In the beginning, it was Charleroi that was attacking Eduardo scored almost thanks to the leg of Tihinen.

Anderlecht became better and created chances via Aruna and Ilic, but never impressed.
The home public was hissing, but the goal of Baseggio received a (faint) applause. The second half was like the first half. After the 2-0 via Jestrovic, there was a little more action in the game.

Score : 2 - 0

Anderlecht: Zitka, Doll, De Boeck, Tihinen, Ilic, Vanderhaeghe (18' Junior), Lovre, Baseggio(79' Seol), Kolar, Aruna, Jestrovic (67' Mornar)
Charleroi: Godart, Defays, Kargbo (82' Remacle), Sama, Aliaj (79'Syllah), Dufer, Kere, Macquet, Yazdani, Eduardo (65' Kolotilko), Boeka-Lisasi

Goals : 44' Baseggio 1-0, 66' Jestrovic 2-0

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