Anderlecht win with 3-1

SUNDAY, 10 AUGUST 2003, 11:34 - Maarten
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Anderlecht have won their first match of the 2003-2004 championship in the Astrid Park.

It was a match which proceeded disappointing, seeing the Mauves beating Antwerp.
Anderlecht brought not enough speed in their play. Zetterberg marked of a powerful shooting of the left little after half an hour. Little time afterwards, Antwerp scored from their only occasion via Mussa. Peersman, substitute of the injured Zitka, did not had to do something until this moment.
Right before the pause, Jestrovic made the 2-1 after a beautiful action. After the pause the match did not change: it was also bad and slow. Inthe 84th minute the score was sealed, Jestrovic scored from the penalty spot and marked his second goal of the evening.

Judge team

Anderlecht: Peersman, Deschacht, Tihinen, Kompany, Baseggio, Doll, Hendrikx (77' Lovré), Wilhelmsson, Zetterberg (80' Hasi), Dindane, Jestrovic (84' Mornar)

Antwerp: Tumilovich, Ouon, Leleu, Evens, Pinxten, Mussa (67' Heath), Imagbudu, Sergeant, Sishuba (51' Verbeeck), Goots, Abdulrahman (78' Snelders)

Goals: 32' Zetterberg 1-0, 38' Mussa 1-1, 45' Jestrovic 2-1, 84' Jestrovic 3-1

Penalty: 84' Jestrovic

Yellow: 14' Ouon, 36' Sishuba, 53' Evens, 74' Baseggio, 77' Heath, 83' Verbeeck


Referee: Serge Gumienny

Supporters: 23.964

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