First Champions League defeat

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Anderlecht did a bad job in the Champions League by losing against Real Madrid with 4-1. Although at half time the outlook was good for the Mauves. They were leading with 0-1, thanks to a beautiful goal of the well playing Aruna.

RSCA was able to block almost every Spanish attack because of their strong midfield with 5 players and also because of the tight defense, with a superb Ilic (against Figo).
The game started in a balance. Madrid came to the first chance from a free kick.
After 12 minutes Anderlecht could threaten the Spanish defense for the first time. Roberto Carlos made a mistake and Aruna ran off with the ball. He came eye-in-eye with Casillas, but he could save the weak shot of the Anderlecht striker.
Madrid had a lot of ball possession, but they were only dangerous from corner kicks and free kicks. In one of those fases, De Boeck got his 3rd yellow card of this Champions League campaign. That way, he will miss the return game.
Meanwhile, the Spanish continued putting pressure on the heart of the Belgian defence, but they never came through, except Raul, who could have scored, but De Wilde saved RSCA.
After 33 minutes, Anderlecht entered a dream that would last for half an hour. Stoica gave a great pass to Aruna, who scored a great goal.
So 0-1 was the score at half time, but in the second half, hell began.

After only 5 minutes, Madrid cleared out the bad situation. First Celades scored, after De Wilde wasn't able to stop Makelele's shot. Vanderhaeghe came too late to prevent the goal.
A bit later Raul doubled the score. He could break through the center of the defence after a nice pass of Roberto Carlos. The Belgian champion now completely lost the organisation and Madrid kept pushing.
Anthuenis tried to turn the tide and he replaced Baseggio and Hasi by Said and De Bilde. But Real seemed too strong.
Munitis cleared the road for Raul, who could freely score the 3-1. And it wasn't over yet. Celedas, who hit the post before, passed to Solari (in offside position?) and he scored in the same way as Raul. 4-1, just like last year.
In stoppage time, Anderlecht got a penalty, but De Bilde kicked it hard on the post... That way the score remained 4-1.
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