Anderlecht win vs. Charleroi

MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht had a lot of trouble beating Sporting Charleroi. 4 Minutes before time De Boeck gave the Mauves a victory.
Charleroi started defensive.

The Mauves started with Said and he immediatly started some good actions, but these didn't result in real chances. Though the score was opened after 15 minutes. A bouncing shot of Iachtchouk was deviated by Mornar and that way, goalkeeper Doudas was defeated: 1-0.
The Mauves could now control the game and launch some counter-attacks, through a well playing Mornar. After 28 minutes Doudas had to save a hard shot Mark Hendrikx from 25 meter. A bit later, Iachtchouk redoes this action and 10 minutes before half time, Mornar's header hits the post.

After the pause, Enfo Scifo gave Rojas and Eduardo the opportunity to play and this way Charleroi was far more offensive. Already in the first minute, De Wilde had to save a shot of Eduardo. A bit later, Hendrikx foolishly lost the ball to Rojas, but De Wilde saved Anderlecht again.
RSCA tried to counter-attack, but the Charleroi-defense was strong. Everybody expected the 1-1 and 15 minutes before time, Rojas headed the ball against the nets (1-1). 2 Minutes later, Eduardo scored the 1-2, but the linesman gave offside.
Aimé Anthuenis then offered the 17 year old Karaca a chance to play and he immediatly showed his talent. He gave several great passes, but Iachtchouk failed to score. 4 Minutes before the final whistle, De boeck headed the 2-1 on the scoreboard and Anderlecht won the game.

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