Anderlecht loses against Bruges

SUNDAY, 7 MARCH 2004, 17:59 - Michaël
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Club Bruges has won at home for the ninth time in a row. Anderlecht couldn't increase the playing level after the weak performance against Westerlo.

Club-coach Trond Sollied played in a 3-5-2 formation, thought they usually play in a 4-3-3. Anderlecht kept playing in a 4-4-2, though Wilhelmsson was ill. Broos didn't adapt.The match started furious: after three minutes it was 1-0. Ceh gave a corner kick to Clement, who gave the ball to Lange, who could score. Club was the best team.Anderlecht played very weak: the midfield was bad. Hasi and Baseggio played a poor match.After half an hour, Anderlecht could threaten for the first time. Iachtchouk's header went aside. The 2-0 was almost a fact, when Deschacht made a bad interference in front of his own goal. Simons gave the penalty kick, but Peersman saved.The playing level was very poor, the atmosphere wasn't good either. There were some good chances for Anderlecht, but Iachtchouk missed two times and Jestrovic' header hit the post.Goals: 3' Lange 1-0

Club Brugge: Verlinden, De Cock, Ceh (71' Victor), Clement, Maertens, Rozehnal, Simons, Gvozdenovic, Verheyen, Lange, Mendoza (71' Smolders)

Anderlecht: Peersman, Zewlakow (76' Traore), Kompany, Tihinen, Deschacht, Hendrikx (65' Lovre), Hasi, Baseggio, Kolar (69' Jestrovic), Aruna, Iachtchouk

Red: /
Yellow: Deschacht, Hasi, Maertens
Spectators: 28.500
Referee: Gumienny

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