Report of Aalst-RSCA

MONDAY, 1 OCTOBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht survived a first small crisis. The Mauves won with 1-5 of Aalst.
In the first half, Aalst played well along with Anderlecht, but the Mauves were far more efficient. Before half time, it scored 3 times.

Ilic opened the score after 11 minutes with a header, after a center from the right.
After the goal, Aalst woke up and they created some chances. Klomp banged the ball high over the goal and a bit later, De Wilde saved a shot of Stojak. One minute later, Klomp centered and Van Hoyweghen equalised with a header.
Anderlecht wasn't impressed and they reacted immediatly! Mornar dribbled past Seydi and his center reached Baseggio, who brought Anderlecht to the lead with a great volley-shot.
From now on, Aalst could only endanger Anderlecht from distance shots and free kicks through Stojak. RSCA at its turn, got several good chances through Mornar, but it was Aruna who scored the 1-3, after a hard center of that same Mornar.

In the second half, Aalst was completely out-played. Mornar and Baseggio first missed some chances, but after 60 minutes Mornar could profite from a mistake in the defense of Aalst. He scored the 1-4. 13 minutes later, Aruna did the same and he brought the score to 1-5.
By the end of the game, De Bilde missed a penalty and a bit later his shot hit the crossbar. That way, the final score was 1-5.

Reaction of Aimé Anthuenis: "We deserved this victory. We have the 3 points and we got it with good football. It's a good answer on the critics of the last days. Bruges lost against Genk, but that doesn't matter. We have to do our job and play well."

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