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SUNDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht is back in the battle of the Belgian title. The Mauves won Friday, with a little bit of luck, against leader Club Brugge with 1-0.

The game was scheduled for September, but due to a lack of police officers (because of the European top meeting), both teams faced each other at December 21.
The Brugians started good, and they immediatly created a good chance, when Clement centered, but Mendoza missed the ball. Several minutes later, Anderlecht's Gilles De Bilde, had the chance to score, but his shot was too weak. After 10 minutes, Brugge got a free kick. Gert Verheyen was pushed inside the box (by Hasi), but the referee decided that the fool was too weak for a penalty. After half an hour, Brugge had to replace Lembi, who got injured. He was substituted by Sillah and Clement moved to the defense. Slowly, Anderlecht gained control of the game, but also the Mauves were forced to substitute. Ilic and Crasson both got injured and were replaced by Stoica and Junior.

After the rest, Anderlecht was the better team. That way, De Bilde and Vanderhaeghe got 2 good chances, but they missed the goal for inches. Everybody was expecting a goal and after 30 minutes, Brugge's Van der Heyden lost the ball to a well playing Stoica. He gave a great assist to Aruna Dindane, who immediatly lifted the ball over the goalkeeper (Verlinden) in the goal: 1-0!
Club Brugge reacted and Anderlecht pulled back. A header of Clement missed De Wilde's goal. But the real chance to equalise came a few minutes before the end of the game. Joris Van Hout protected his face with his hands from an incoming ball and Club got a penalty. Verheyen took it, but De Wilde saved his weak shot and that way, the Brugians were defeated for the 3rd time in 4 games.
Anderlecht is now on 2 points of leader Club Brugge, while Standard gained the second place with beating Westerlo. Club and Standard have both 37 points, but Brugge have more games won.

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