Referee decides the game

SUNDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2002, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht lost the game against Brugge because of a doubtful decision of the referee. Brugge scored shot before time thanks to a penalty.
Both teams started rather defensive.

It was hard to set up a good action, but it was Brugge who played the best. The Mauves clearly had a bad day.
There was some light pressure of the Brugians, but this didn't result in several good chances. RSCA tried to play on the counter-attack. Aruna could almost get a penalty when he was kicked down in the box, but the referee didn't see the foul.
Brugge weren't capable of pushing the Belgian champion back. Slowly the duels got nasty and the referee lost control of the game. Referee Allaerts seemed to be impressed by the home fans and this resulted into a large amount of yellow cards for the Mauves.
When the game was about to end on a 0-0 draw, the referee thought is was necessary to give a penalty for a duel between Troare and Martens, who fell. Simons scored the penalty: 1-0.
This way, Anderlecht is now 3rd on 7 points of Brugge.

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