Anderlecht-Antwerp : 4-1

SUNDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht is again second after a deserved 4-1 against Antwerp. Trainer Broos had to miss Baseggio, De Boeck and De Bilde but that was no problem. The young Goran Lovré played a very strong match, also because Antwerp defended too much.

The repetition for Europe was succeeded. When Lovré keep on playing like this, Baseggio can lose his position.

Goals: 15' Jestrovic 1-0, 23' Tihinen 2-0, 43' Jestrovic 3-0, 54' Goots 3-1, 58' Jestrovic 4-1 (pen)
Anderlecht: Zitka, Crasson, Tihinen, Ilic (85' Doll), Deschacht, Lovré, Vanderhaeghe, Hasi, Seol (75' Kolar), Mornar (65' Aruna), Jestrovic
Antwerp: Feys, Ouon, Pinxten, Leleu, Kubik, Ziyati (65' Dhaene), Sergeant, Imagbudu, Evens, Yattara (46' Mussa), Goots

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